About Me

First of all, thank you for taking interest to read about me. I’m Ajaz Mirza, employed as an SEO Manager in SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading SEO companies in India.

That’s me giving presentation while on a campus recruitment drive.

Ajaz Mirza

I started my career in search engine optimization as a link builder and data research analyst in a now defunct company, while still completing my graduation. As an undergraduate, it was fun having a job as the earning was really good for me (then still a student). I never thought of making a career in the field of internet marketing or marketing, as I always thought that it is not for me. But as the time went on, I somehow managed to make my way up and now I believe everything has turned out quite well. When I completed my graduation, I had almost a year of experience in SEO, which supported me to join SEOValley an SEO expert.

How it all started

After completing my graduation, I joined SEOValley, but I was still unsure of my career path. In a few months of working full time as an SEO expert, I realized the potential and significance of search marketing and that was when I decided to make myself clear of the goal and started taking things to the next level.

While I was working as an SEO Expert, I had the chance to work on some really amazing projects which provided me with the necessary knowledge and experience of how things work and what should be done to increase the bottom line of a web business. Working as an SEO expert was a wonderful experience and it gave me the opportunity to work with other talented fellows and understand the basics and importance of Internet marketing. The work was amazing and I was progressing well enough to catch the attention of big guns.

Journey as an SEO Manager:

After completing a year and a half as an SEO Expert, I was given the chance to handle individual projects and lead a team of other awesome SEO experts. Since then, I’ve had an amazing time as an SEO manager, working my tail off to increase the business of our clients.

So far, so good

While I’m really happy with my current position, I wish to set up a respectful position in the online marketing cadre. It may have been a short journey till date but it has been an amazing one and I hope it will bring more awesomeness for me in years to come.