A Letter to 30 Years Old Self

Dear 30 Years old Ajaz,

Ah, I’m so glad you are well enough to read this, that means you are more fortunate that millions of people who can’t. Can you believe you are 30 years old? Neither do I! If the last 7 years have passed right in front of you and you had no clue what to expect, you are a loser. But if you had done space travel and have now settled on Mars, then you sir have made me proud. ;)

You must be very pleased of the experiences you had in all those year. I hope you are still writing this blog regularly, not to mention, that’s what you promised yourself when you started it. I know you get really busy and have very little time for the blog, but don’t you forget the people who are reading your posts. You must be having a lot of email subscribers who enjoys reading the stuff you write. They must have also gained a lot of knowledge, with all the valuable information you have shared with them.
You must be having a great career till now, for which you striven all those years. By now, you must have realized your true potential and have made a difference in your perspective field. I hope you are still eager to learn new things each day, just like you used to be. I also hope you carried my composure and the attitude of taking new challenges head on, with a smile on the face.

I’m sure you are still closely connected with the same friends you had when you were 23 and should have made a lot of new ones.

Remember the crazy 2012 you had? I know it sounds hilarious how few insane people actually believed that world will end on 21st Dec 2012. I also assume that you have heard of several other apocalyptic warnings by now. And yeah, don’t forget the anticipation “SEO is Dead”. What? People still say that. Well, tell them to stop fighting and accept the fact that SEO will never be dead, not until Google (or Facebook, the most popular search engine by then) can read its users mind without them typing.

You must have realized by now that work is not everything and you must have started to take it lightly. After all those years of thinking about it, you must have implemented this in your life. If you still haven’t, I’m not going to blame you. You must still be having a lot of energy and motivation to keep going. But one thing I’m sure of is you are managing your working hours better than me and are maintaining a better schedule. And yes, don’t you tell me that you are living the same self destructive lifestyle. If you are, then you will have to change today. Not tomorrow, Today! I can’t believe you wasted all these years in utter laziness, while the last thing I want to know is that you are not as fit as me. Agghh..:X

Disappointing to say, you might have faced a few failures by now. I understand you did everything you could but the results were not up to your expectations. I’m actually with you on this; if you had a few failures that mean you have tried to do something. Don’t forget that success will not be so sweet, unless you know how bitter failure is.

Also, you must have traveled many places by now and had a lot of adventures on the road. I always knew you would accomplish what I wish now; after all you are a far better person than I am.

I know I sound funny to you, pardon me, I’m far less experienced in writing than you are. I have just started blogging on this site and was in the mood to write a letter to you. I know you are a way better writer than I’m but don’t forget you are just me who grew a few years.

Don’t forget to write back,

Much Younger,
Ajaz Mirza

And here we go!

It’s been a long time since I planned to launch my blog, but it never really happened. Now the time seems right to get into the online blogosphere and start writing about stuff that I really care about.

InternetPhoto credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/daviderickson/2765981920/

Since my exposure to the internet, I’ve always been fascinated by its immense power. Being a fraction of this realm for ~7 years, I finally decided to launch a platform where I can present my thoughts and opinions on ever-changing online world – with a pinch of some personal stuff. So, I’m glad to present my personal blog to you.

Although this is a personal blog, I will write more often on SEO, internet, tips & tricks, memes and Google Analytics. Furthermore, I will also post a how to guide every now and then to help other fellowmen with whatever minute contribution I can make to the galore of free information.

I will write up more and hope to share a lot of valuable content through this site.